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The speed in which the subject is located is crucial to resolving your matter, therefore locating your individual’s whereabouts in the shortest time period possible is vital to the recovery of your money in debt matters.

We have made a significant investment into our tracing system providing us with the most advanced financial profile and address verification system possible.

The software is updated with over 200,000 records each and every month, providing constant enhancement of the database and ensuring we hold the most extensive dataset available.

The tracing technology works by pulling data from dynamic external & internal sources providing us with the individual’s most up to date credit activity including any telephone numbers they may be using at the time without leaving an electronic footprint.

All our traces are conducted in a legal and ethical manner ensuring we only use DPA compliant techniques to locate the individual.


  • Instant notification of any changes to the individual’s circumstances including new addresses they may be residing at.
  • Identify any current telephone numbers they may be using.
  • In depth searches completed via various fields such as: Surname, Date of Birth and Partial Postcode.
  • We will acquire an in-depth profile of the individual including additional insights such as Bankruptcy/ IVA data and any supporting evidence available.


What information do I need in order to trace someone?

The more information the better, however if you only have the debtor’s name and an old address/post code that is still plenty for us to work with. Our systems can trace people using their date of birth, full name or just surname, aliases and postcodes.

Are traces successful every time?

Generally speaking, given the right information we can trace the subject successfully. Obviously, there are sometimes going to be situations where the subject has not left a trail, or the information given isn’t enough to effectively trace the subject. If this is the case, we can place the trace on a tracker which means we review it at regular intervals to monitor for when any results come up.

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