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We Take Pride In Our Services

Our Mission Statement:

“We work hard everyday to provide our clients with innovative legal solutions, excellent legal representation and a dedication to quality customer service.”

We Take Pride in Our Services:

For over 75 years, our board of directors has accumulated expert knowledge and experience in Debt Recovery, Civil & Commercial Litigation, and High Court Enforcement.

About DCB Legal:

We have seen immense growth, following the demand for client-focused, effective options for dispute resolution.

Our client retention rate, paired with recommendations and referrals, provides a solid foundation for organic growth. Operating as an alternative business structure (ABS), we combine the expertise of non-legal and legal managers to provide over 75 years of expertise.

We Have a Network of Industry Experts:

We instruct our sister company, Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited as featured on the Channel 5 programme “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!” for all High Court Enforcement requirements.

Our dedicated team and approved legal partners are on hand to provide nationwide coverage, and to guide you from start to finish in the best, most cost-effective route possible. We appreciate client-facing challenges, and we will provide you with support and knowledge to overcome those obstacles.

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DCB Legal Ltd are specialist Debt Recovery, Civil & Commercial Litigation Solicitors

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