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DCB Legal Ltd is a specialist legal practice.

Our board of directors have a combined 75 years of industry service in Debt Recovery, Civil & Commercial Litigation, and High Court Enforcement.

Our experience and expertise results in a unique understanding of client needs. We have been in their shoes, and together we are able to find sustainable and effective solutions.

At DCB Legal, we give the assurance that we can not only do the job, but we can do it efficiently and in the most cost-effective way, guaranteeing outstanding client retention and satisfaction.

As a company, we have no aspirations to be a full legal services provider. Instead, we concentrate our energy on providing a contemporary no fuss, bespoke legal service in our specialist field.

Our sister company DCBL (Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited)  are instructed to recover Judgments we obtain via High Court enforcement and are exclusively featured on the popular Channel 5 & Netflix T.V Series Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!….Read More

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Issuing A Claim / CCJ

Issue a claim in the County Court to obtain a Judgment against a debtor

Charge On A Property

Apply for a charge against a debtor’s property for money owed to you

Insolvency / Winding Up

Apply to issue a Bankruptcy Petition against an individual or a company

Court Representation

DCB Legal Ltd can assist with representing you in Court proceedings

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DCB Legal Ltd are specialist Debt Recovery, Civil & Commercial Litigation Solicitors

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