Services Spotlight: Private Team

18th May 2022

What specific services do you provide?

Our Private Team offers both pre-litigation and post-litigation stage services. These include:

  • Letter of Claim
  • Obtaining a CCJ
  • Charging Order
  • Attachment of Earnings Order
  • Insolvency/Bankruptcy
  • Section 42
  • Section 8
  • Section 21
  • Possession Order

And more. These are the main day-to-day services that we work with, however, we’re not limited to these. Every case that comes in is reviewed by a member of the team and the best strategies are devised to ensure our clients’ needs are met. We continually review the cases, establishing and re-establishing the right approach to reach a swift and effective resolution.

What do the day-to-day operations of the private team look like?

We work with all the private litigation cases, which means the context of each debt varies from case to case. Every client who instructs us, therefore, receives a tailored litigation service.

Once we obtain a County Court Judgment, we then liaise with the client when the monies are not forthcoming to agree on the most effective approach of enforcement moving forward. We’re part of the Direct Group, working in conjunction with our sister company, DCBL, and through our unique group structure, we can initiate seamless case transfers where needed. This can involve passing the case to DCBL for High Court Enforcement; when reaching a resolution requires DCBL’s specialist enforcement team we don’t hesitate to move this forward and ensure the debt is collected.

Our team also works with multi-instructing clients who have high volume debt portfolios, and DCB Legal is the largest litigator for the private parking industry in the UK. This involves different approaches, meaning our team is split into 2 sections: Private Litigation and Multi-Instructing Litigation.

Specialist Litigation Private Team at DCB Legal

How successful is the Private Litigation team?

Our Private Litigation team recently had a record-breaking month in March, and we’re set to continue seeing this success throughout 2022.

What does the future of the team look like?

The future of the team is bright! Each member brings something different to the team meaning we have a broad base of expertise and can provide outstanding services to our clients.

Our team are all at different stages in their career. We have fully qualified solicitors, one member who is qualifying very soon, and we have others who have taken on studies to develop their skills and will qualify in a few years. It’s great to have team members at various stages in their careers as it means we’re developing and strengthening the team as each one progresses. With some qualifying soon, we’ll be expanding again to further enhance our team, as well as providing valuable experience and knowledge to someone who is at the beginning of their career in law.

The services that we currently offer are never limited. With every new client that we work with we always discuss the best way that our team can support them in their cases, and in the future.

While we receive a lot of cases from our sister company, DCBL, we’re growing rapidly as a specialist department which means we’ll be looking to market our services independently and reach a wider range of clients across the UK in the near future.

What do your team think of working in Private Litigation?

Lauren, one of the Private Team’s Legal Assistants, said this about the team:

DCB Legal Private Team, Lauren

“I enjoy working for the private team as no two days are the same. Whilst the work we do falls under the umbrella of ‘debt recovery and civil litigation’, every case is different.

We do everything from assisting the Client in getting the County Court Judgment, proceeding with the agreed litigation actions, and enforcing the Judgment by alternative means. All the clients have their own unique needs and come from different industries (PPI, Insurance claims, possession orders, charging orders, loans, etc), so it makes every day interesting.

The growth here in the team is brilliant – the chance to work with Gemma and Anthony on their cases is great! I get experience, development, and knowledge that I feel isn’t always available on other teams – we’re not pigeonholed.

I know, speaking from experience, that my growth since being on the team (I moved over to the Private Team in November 2020) has really set me up well for my studies and the lawyer I will become. The support that I have from Nicole as our manager is brilliant as well.

It helps that the team works really well together!”

You can read more about Lauren and her studies here.

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