Meet The Team: Yasmin Mia

22nd November 2021

Tell us about yourself…

Outside of work I love hosting parties, going shopping (especially at the Trafford Centre!), and going to nice restaurants. San Carlo in Manchester is probably my favourite! I’m a daughter-in-law so I have a lot of responsibilities there but often work takes over. I also love plants as you can tell by my office – did you know that peace lilies have a lot of health benefits?

Debt Recovery, Dispute Resolution and Litigation Specialists Yasmin Mia

What attracted you to join DCB Legal?

Well, I started in-house at DCBL as a solicitor in 2017, then worked alongside the senior management to actually set up DCB Legal as its own firm! This process took around 6 months and the business was finally incorporated in June 2017. We started off as a team of 4 at first. When we started DCB Legal we wanted to issue claims on behalf of our clients and provide legal services without having to outsource to a third party, which increased our ability to effectively deliver results for our clients. We set up an Alternative Business Structure which means that we have both legally trained and non-legally trained managers, which brings a great variety of experience to the firm.

Before all of this, I had a stint at Arrow Global in their in-house legal team. I was also a consultant for 4 different companies at the same time at one point, and before that, I led a commercial litigation team. I’m 10 years qualified now!

What’s your current role?

My role is to act on behalf of DCBL in regard to legal proceedings; DCBL is essentially my only client. Whilst DCB Legal issue claims to debtors, I work on the other side and defend claims issued against DCBL by debtors.

Debtors will also put in formal complaints against the High Court Enforcement agents – these complaints are called EAC2 – which are directly related to the agents’ conduct so these can be very serious. The vast majority of our agents never receive them but I would work on defending these cases for DCBL.

I also deal with any High Court issues brought up by debtors, such as fees, conduct, etc.

What benefits does your role bring to the client journey?

As DCBL is my client my role directly protects their business and reputation, which indirectly benefits their clients through protecting their reputations as well. I also keep them informed of industry changes, communicating any news to DCB Legal, DCBL, and the agents.

Plus, I’m a student member of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association which means I’m studying to become a High Court Enforcement Officer. I receive direct updates from the association, such as changes to legislation. This gives me more industry knowledge and experience that I can impart to the staff and the clients.

DCB Legal Debt Recovery Solicitors Senior Partner Yasmin

What do you feel is different about DCB Legal compared to other firms?

DCB Legal is a specialist within Debt Recovery and High Court Enforcement: we’re one of the top 3 biggest issuers of claims within the UK. We’ve achieved this through providing a bespoke service to our clients, from issuing claims through to High Court Enforcement, and any disputes relating to enforcement and procedures are dealt with efficiently. We also have direct access to a number of knowledgeable partners that have years and years’ worth of experience within the industry, which is invaluable to both the company and our clients.

What do you think the future holds for DCB Legal?

The business will go through the roof! I only see huge potential. Our focus has been on PPI, parking debt, and private debt recovery, so I see us expanding into a lot of other areas and sectors.

If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would you say?

I would probably say don’t be too concerned about the future. Absorb the experiences you’re getting at that moment – it’s all beneficial to your future roles!

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