Meet The Team: Jamie Ashford

05th November 2021

Tell us about yourself…

So outside of work, I like running, golf and I’m also very interested in America and American culture – I like the NFL and have travelled down to London to watch the London Games! I also like to travel and have recently embraced middle-age by joining the National Trust.

Director of Specialist litigation solicitors DCB Legal

What attracted you to join DCB Legal?

I’d worked with DCBL previously, I was impressed with the infrastructure and the brand reputation as well as the results they got me when I instructed them on behalf of my clients. That’s how I got introduced to DCBL. Then, following a career gap where I was travelling, I had the desire to get back into legal operations. The position at DCB Legal seemed like the right opportunity!

Before joining DCB Legal I actually trained in banking litigation, and I’ve worked in general commercial litigation and international dispute resolution too.

What’s your current role?

I’m one of the directors at DCB Legal. Now that we’ve successfully established a bulk parking litigation department, the focus is now on building a team of litigation lawyers. I’m focused on bringing in the work to suit our expertise and effectively supporting the team.

What benefits does your role bring to the client journey?

I’ve got a broad background in litigation and dispute resolution which allows me to assist in not only adhering to correct civil processes but also implementing useful commercial strategies when handling cases. More often than not I’m able to empathise with client situations; the scenarios I’m presented with are situations I’ve faced before from over a decade in litigation, and that empathy resonates with them.

I also recognize that legal services have become a commodity and more result-driven than they were in the past. Legal professionals used to just quote their hourly rate and that was it: now clients want reassurance we can get them tangible results.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation Director at DCB Legal

What do you feel is different about DCB Legal compared to other firms?

DCB Legal slots nicely into a group set-up that is to my knowledge unmatched elsewhere in the UK. The group’s effective pre-litigation strategy produces great outcomes which is the result of their early engagement with opponents and national brand recognition. This additional engagement with opponents means I get more insight into cases prior to litigation, which may otherwise not have been obtained. Also – once we’ve done our job at DCB Legal (winning in Court) it is vital to know that we can be confident in returning cases to DCBL where High Court Enforcement is carried out.

What do you think the future holds for DCB Legal?

DCB Legal has risen through the ranks over the last 12 months to become widely recognized and a leading law firm in terms of volume litigation. With continued investment in systems, people, and processes, there’s no reason why the firm won’t hold, if not improve, on it is current national ranking. The focus will remain on sustainable growth, quality control, and employee development.

If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would you say?

The things that you don’t worry about will cause you far more grief than the things that you do worry about, so just don’t worry! Also – listen attentively to those who you admire and put all of your energy into projects and hobbies you like, whether inside or outside of work, as these will often then turn into things you love.

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